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Development Guide

This Guide is supposed to give you an introduction on how this library / system works. Covering a general description on what a Service is, it shows basic as well as advanced topics, what this library is offering.

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kzm9kr Apr 28, 2011 at 4:20 PM 
Great idea, but code is buggy - or causes strange problems.

1) If you attempt to call a web service from within the service thread using either a class created by disco or from HTTPWebRequest, the call will not return. No errors, no exceptions, it just never returns. Exact same code from a background thread in a form derrived app works fine.

2) A similar issue (call vectoring to la-la land) happened when calling any Dns.GetHostXXX functions. I was initially performing this in a thread spawned from Timer( timerDelegate). I fixed the issue by making the call in the service thread. This may be a win mobile feature, not a service feature, but without access to the source code it is hard to tell. The main issue / complaint is the call vectored to ?. No return, no exception, just gone, which made it hard to debug (and was the same issue I saw with the web service call.)