How to use the Managed Services Manager

The Managed Services Manager is small helper application, which can be found as part of the 1.0 Alpha 2 release.
It enables you to control Managed Services similar to Services.msc on your Desktop machine.

Main Form

Starting the applications shows the following Interface:

Changing the Services state

All registered services are shown on the main window with their current state. Therefore the Service name is used instead of the Service Guid.
Executing the context menu for a specific Managed Service offers the basic functionality to be executed. This means a Service can be started, quit, suspended and resumed. Depending on the current Services state, only the correct menu items are available.
If a menu item is executed the currents Service information is refreshed
!!!Manual refresh
It can happen, that a Services state isn't properly refreshed. This happens, if changing the Services state takes additional time by custom operations. Often this can be seen on a Services start.
Therefore the actual list can be refreshed in 2 ways:
  • By hitting the refresh.png picture
  • By choosing the Menu item "Refresh Service List" from the "Main"-Menu

"Service Details..." Form

The Service Details Form is shown, if the according menu item is selected in the main form.
This form shows all detailed information for the Managed Service, which can be found in the registry.
It enables you to change the Services state as well as refreshing the Services information by hitting the refresh.png picture.
Additionally the Services StartType can be changed by checking the according checkbox. This change is only executed when the Dialog gets closed via "OK".

Note: The actual version doesn't show the full executable path, if it exceeds a certain length. The menu item "Options..." is for further usage and doesn't offer actually any functionality.

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