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Building a new Managed Service - Minimum requirements

Creating a new Managed Service using VB.NET or C# is reasonably straight forward and can be achieved by following these steps:
  1. Create a new smart device application project
  2. Add a reference to the ManagedService.dll assembly (found in the binary download as part of the 1.0 Alpha 2 release).
  3. Create a new class
  4. Derive your new class from the abstract class ManagedService.ServiceApplication
  5. Change the constructor code
    1. Assign a newly created Guid to your ServiceGuid property
    2. Assign a new Name to your ServiceName property
  6. Add the line "YourClassName.Start();" to your Main method

Thats it. You have created your first Service in managed code. If you start your application, you will "see", that it is running.
Well, in fact this service does nothing. But it shows what minimum steps are needed to get your service up and running.

A simple example can be found in the binary download as part of the 1.0 Alpha 2 release.

For further information please read the Developers guide.

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