What is the Managed Services Launcher?

The Managed Services launcher is small helper application, which can be found as part of the 1.0 Alpha 2 release.
It consists of a small CAB Installation file.
The CAB Installation file consists of a small console helper application, which is executed by the System during Startup.
Therefore the installation creates a new Registry key Launch96 under HKLM\init for the included console application.

As the application is started it looks for registered Managed Services under the HKLM\Software\ManagedServices registry key.
If a Managed Service has set StartType to 1, the Service gets started as a new process. If not, this Service is skipped.

Manually launching the Managed Service Launcher doesn't start any Managed Service at all.

Note:In the current release the Managed Service Launcher doesn't get always executed during System Start. Please consider Managed Service Launcher sometimes doesn't start the services for further information.

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jdsmith Dec 10, 2008 at 6:10 PM 
This still does not work with the 1.0 Alpha 3 release. I see that in the ManageServicesLauncher.Program.Main it is expecting > 0 entries in the args array. Is there a required /switch to launch the app?